OATG Membership

Woman’s embroidered collar with bat motifs, Manchu. Pitt Rivers Museum,1896.62.224.6

Woman’s embroidered collar with bat motifs, Manchu. Pitt Rivers Museum,1896.62.224.6

Benefits of membership:

Annual Membership of the Oxford Asian Textile Group (OATG) runs from October until September but those who join after June will not need to renew their membership until September of the following year. The subscription includes the journal Asian Textiles published three times a year, packing and postage. The latest issue of the Asian Textiles will be sent to you when your membership form is received. In addition all current members are entitled to password access to Pdf files of full colour editions of Asian Textiles from issue 57 onwards which can be downloaded from this website. All issues from 1-56 are freely available to download without the need for passwords. (Access the Pdf files via the Back issues page.)

Subscription costs:

The annual subscription is £25 (£35 for joint membership) due by 1 October each year. Payment may be made by Sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank or by Banker’s Order. In order to assist international members who do not have Sterling accounts OATG can accept payments via Acceptance Mark. At the present time OATG will only accept payments via PayPal from those without £ Sterling accounts. Prospective international members without a Sterling account should complete the special on-line form for their sole use to be submitted to the Membership Secretary and they will then be sent a Acceptance Mark invoice for payment.

How to join:

To join please download, print and complete the Pdf of the Membership form and return the completed form with your payment to: OATG Membership, 19 Southmoor Road, Oxford, OX2 6RF. Please make your cheque payable to: Oxford Asian Textile Group. If payment by Banker’s Order would suit you better, and it certainly helps us to cut down on administration, please tick the relevant box on the membership form and set up a bankers order at your bank by downloading, printing and completing the Pdf of the Bankers Order form and giving it to your bank confirming that they should set up an on-going payment to OATG according to your instructions therein.

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If you have any questions on membership please contact the Membership Secretary.